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Welcome to Glaze Gallery!

We take pride in forming beautiful and original pottery with a passion for unique colors and different glaze formulas. As a result, each piece of pottery is an art piece. We do not mass produce any particular glaze pattern. In fact, some of our glazes we couldn't reproduce if we tried.

However, our pottery is also fully functional, every single piece is food safe, and able to go into the microwave and dishwasher.

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Upcoming Events

The June 16 Sunset Kiln Opening and Studio Sale is being postponed until later in the summer.

We always available for studio tours and pottery sales by appointment.
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Purchasing our Pottery

We put feeling into every piece of pottery we've made, and we are very honored when someone makes a purchase.

We attend art shows in Central Texas, and would love to notify you of where we'll be if you join our mailing list.

We also sell directly from our studio, and will make some pieces to order.

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