Our Studio is a sacred place to us, located on the ground floor of our home 'Cielo.' The fact that our home has a name is not meant to be pretentious, but rather demonstrates the essence of it to us. 'Cielo' means 'Heaven' in Italian, and that name represents it's spirituality to us. We have owned Cielo since 2009, and have done much restoration to make it not just a home, but an artpiece in which we live.


Every nook and cranny of our studio is full of the materials and tools that we use to make our pottery. Everything in the studio is covered with a layer of clay dust that is a hallmark of our trade. There are buckets of slip, or muddy clay water, everywhere.

Despite the fact that our studio is a necessarily rather dirty, it is a spectacular place. The windows on the left give us a view that goes on for many miles, as well as giving us superb light in which to work. Outside of these windows is a large deck where we hold our studio sales. The doorway on the right goes to a room full of shelves to dry and store greenware, and it contains our two kilns. This room has an elaborate duct and fan system to control heat gain during firing. We each have a wheel and a work area in the main room.

We are truly blessed to have studio of this caliber.

Upcoming Events
May 6-7, 2017
Pecan Street Festival Austin, Texas

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